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(1)Product description

  1. State-of-the-art nanotechnology that opens up the future!
    Please feel the "power of nano".
  2. Absorption 5 to 10 times.
  3. Recommended for people like this!
    □ Those who are looking for fucoidan with high absorption rate.
    □ Those who are looking for a reliable macromolecule fucoidan.
    □ Those who are looking for a product with a specified content.
    □ Those who are looking for a product that can be easily drunk at any time.
    □ Those who are concerned about lifestyle and eating habits.

  1. What is the seaweed extract "fucoidan"?
    Fucoidan is one of the dietary fibers contained in the slimy part of seaweeds such as cladosiphon and kelp. It is a substance in which fucose (sugar) and sulfate groups are combined.
  2. Three functions of fucoidan.
    (1)Function to repair scratches caused by tidal currents.
    (2)Barrier function that protects itself from bacteria and microorganisms.
    (3)Moisturizing function to prevent drying by sunlight or wind above the water surface.
  3. It is an indispensable substance for seaweeds that have these functions.
    Today, it is being researched all over the world and is used in many health foods and cosmetics in Japan. Today, it is being researched all over the world and is used in many health foods and cosmetics in Japan.

    The left is an image of the repair function. The right is an image of the barrier function.

  1. Even if you eat raw cladosiphon, you can hardly absorb it!
  2. A customer asks, "If the ingredients are contained in seaweed, why not eat a large amount of cladosiphon?" However, fucoidan is a rare ingredient that is contained in only about 10g in 1kg of raw cladosiphon.
    Also, it is not easy to absorb from raw cladosiphon that has not been extracted and purified. Furthermore, I am worried about overdose of salt.
    It is not realistic to eat many kilograms of cladosiphon for good health and every day. Therefore, it makes sense to have them ingest artificially extracted products.
  3. Manufacturing procedure for fucoidan from raw cladosiphon.
  4. Cleaning & foreign matter removal → shredding (paste) → fucoidan extraction → centrifugation → ultrafiltration (desalting) → concentration & sterilization & inspection → drying (powdering) & inspection → commercialization & inspection
  5. Citric acid, which is harmless to humans, is used to extract fucoidan. In addition, please be assured that after sterilization, a total of 3 bacterial tests are performed at each stage.
  6. Please note that it is different from the manufacturing method of other companies' products.

  1. Two problems that bother people.
  2. "Macromolecule = low absorption rate" "Small molecule = loss of functionality"
  3. State-of-the-art nanotechnology has been solved!
  4. Three reasons why Fucoidan Life Nano is chosen by customers.
  5. The outline of the nanocapsule manufacturing method will be explained in autumn turmeric, which is easy to understand with pigments.

  1. Nanotechnology jointly developed by industry and public laboratory!
  2. This product is not a common fucoidan supplement.
    Contains "nano-encapsulated fucoidan" manufactured by the patented nano-capsule manufacturing method (No. 3858073) jointly developed by a major manufacturer and a public laboratory.
  3. Contains 2,200 mg of nano-encapsulated fucoidan in 2 packets.
    (About 733 mg as Macromolecule fucoidan.)

  1. Absorption 5 to 10 rate as Macromolecule it is!
  2. It is presumed that the reason why conventional fucoidan is difficult to absorb is that it coalesces into a large mass.
    The size of the nanocapsules is 100 to 500 nanometers, which is necessary for intestinal absorption, and the absorption rate has been greatly improved with the original molecule!
    The molecular is the limit of 5,000 as a macromolecule Fucoidan.
  3. Comparison between normal and nanocapsules.
  4. Blood concentration is 5 to 10 times higher!
    Rats were fed with autumn turmeric curcumin and nanoencapsulated curcumin. The concentration in the blood is increased 5 to 10 times.
    In the graph, the blue line is normal curcumin and the red line is nanocapsule curcumin.
  5. Up to 17 times more permeability in the body!
    (Test with a small intestinal membrane model formed using human gastrointestinal tract-derived cell Caco-2)

  1. Protects components from gastric acid and pancreatic juice!
  2. When you eat food, your stomach begins to digest.
    Therefore, it is expected that the amount of ingredients will decrease by the time they are absorbed due to decomposition by gastric acid and pancreatic juice, but the ingredients are protected by wrapping them in nanocapsules.
  3. Comparison between normal and nanocapsules.
  4. The residual rate in the gastric acid & pancreatic juice treatment test is 1.9 times!
    As a result of the test, it was confirmed that only 46.6% of curcumin remained in the autumn turmeric extract, but 90.3% of the curcumin in the nano-encapsulated autumn turmeric extract remained.
    In the graph, the left is normal curcumin and the right is nanocapsule curcumin.

  1. High quality fucoidan extracted from Okinawa mozuku(cladosiphon).
  2. Cladosiphon farm and harvesting work, also known as the "carpet of the sea".
    The center of the background photo is the harvesting ship.
    The photo by the Okinawa Prefecture Mozuku Aquaculture Promotion Council.
  3. Okinawa mozuku(cladosiphon), which has supported Okinawa's food and health since ancient times, contains 3 to 5 times more fucoidan than other seaweeds, so it can be extracted efficiently.
    This product uses high quality fucoidan with a purity of 90% or more and a sulfate group of 15% or more. Both numbers are the average of the measured values.
    Please be assured that its high quality has been announced jointly with Ryukyu University, Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Kobe Women's University, etc.

  1. Because it is macromolecule, it does not spoil the "original shape of fucoidan"!
    After all, the most inquiries are "Isn't small molecular better absorbed?", But originally, when the macromolecular fucoidan is reduced in molecular , the sulfate groups are unraveled and separated, and the properties of fucoidan become It will be damaged.
  2. In the Comparison image, macromolecule and the right is small molecular.
    macromolecules have fucose and sulfate groups connected.
    Small molecule has separate fucose and sulfate groups .
  3. Isn't it just an image diagram such as "It's easy to be absorbed because it's small" by arranging large balls (macromolecular) and small balls (small molecular) side by side in a common comparative advertisement instead of data?
    The latest research has shown that even macromolecules can be absorbed, so it is important to take fucoidan as the original "macromolecule".
  4. In 2017, the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association (JHFA) defined "fucoidan = macromolecule".

  1. "Ganiashi (kelp temporary root)" and "Longevity grass" are also included!
  2. Contains 100 mg each of Ganiashi powder and Ganiashi extract powder.
  3. This is the root of Hokkaido kelp sticking to the rock.(Below the root kelp)
    Because of its crab-like appearance, it is called "crab legs(ganiashi)" by fishermen.
    Recent research has revealed various functions and is attracting attention as a patented ingredient that is useful for maintaining health.
    It contains not only L-fucoidan of kelp but also special GA-fucoidan that is unique to Ganiashi.
    In addition, it contains twice as much minerals as kelp, and 1.7 times as much polysaccharides such as alginic acid and cellulose and dietary fiber.
  4. Illustration of Ganiashi.Root kelp, petiole, ganiashi
    It sticks to the rock with a strong force so as not to lose to the ocean current.

    100mg each of Ganiashi powder and Ganiashi extract powder (double concentrated type) are mixed in 2 packets.

  1. Contains 100mg of Okinawan traditional "longevity grass"
  2. Photo of Longevity grass.
  3. Longevity grass is a wild grass of the Umbelliferae family that grows naturally on the westernmost island of Japan, such as "Yonaguni Island".
    It is a cliff where waves and wind hit, and it grows powerfully while the sun shines.
    It was named longevity grass because of its strength of vitality.
    Since it contains abundant nutrients such as polyphenols, it has been used in various dishes.
  4. These additives are not used.
    Sweeteners, preservatives, colorings, flavors

    100mg of what was cultivated at the farm in Yonaguni Island is mixed in 2 packets.

  1. Please be careful about products that do not indicate the content of fucoidan.
  2. There are many products on the market that do not indicate the blending amount or content. Especially in the case of liquid products, since it also contains water, it is often illusioned that "contents of the product" = "content of fucoidan", so be careful. It is advisable to know the exact fucoidan content and blending amount.
  3. In addition, there are advertisements such as "The fucoidan content is ○ times that of Okinawa mozuku" without indicating the content or blending amount of the product, but it is important to note that the fucoidan blending amount and purity of the product itself are important.
  4. This is a common case. Liquid 〇○〇ml does not contain fucoidan 〇○〇mg.

  1. Reasonably price for direct sales.
  2. We sell directly to our customers at our web store, so it's reasonably priced.
    Other companies will have a distribution margin.
  3. Fucoidan supplements range from hundreds to tens of thousands of japanese yen.
    Even if you suspect that the product is too cheap, many people think that the high-priced product is "good" because of their psychological situation.
    However, it does not mean that a high price is good.
    After all, judge whether it is a "macromolecule" and whether it is "a large amount".
  4. Fucoidan Life Nano has been sold directly at the WEB store to cut margins and advertising costs so that as many people as possible can use it, and we have realized an affordable price.

  1. Reliable high quality.
  2. Manufactured in a specialized factory in Japan.
  3. Manufactured in a factory certified by Japanese standards (health food GMP) and international standards (ISO 22000).
  4. The factory is certified by "GMP", which is a manufacturing control and quality standard for health foods, and "ISO22000", an international standard for food safety management systems. Rest assured about quality, technology, safety and reliability. Please be assured that the factory manufactures everything from raw cladosiphon to fucoidan extraction to commercialization.

  1. How to eat.
  2. Take 2-4 packets a day with water or lukewarm water. (Shake before opening)
  3. This product can be consumed in the desired amount and number of times according to the purpose, regardless of whether it is before or after a meal.
    It seems that there are many people who drink a lot at night, such as before going to bed, and users who drink it on an empty stomach.
  4. Active intake:4-6 packets a day
    Intensive intake:8 packets or more a day
  5. Examples of daily intake.(Reference)
Nutrition facts label (2 packets per 2.8g)
Estimated value
Calorie:11.5kcal / Protein:0.07g / Lipid:0.44g / Carbohydrates:1.81g / Salt equivalent:0.16g / Iodine:412μg(0.412mg)
Fucoidan:About 733mg* / Ganiashi powder:100mg / Ganiashi extract powder:100mg / Longevity grass(button bow fu):100mg

*The package has 730mg printed on it, but it is 733mg.

Product name Fucoidan Life NANO
Name Mozuku extract processed food
Raw material name Mozuku extract (Okinawa mozuku [Okinawa prefecture]), dextrin, ganiashi powder (cultivated kelp [Hokkaido]), ganiashi extract (cultured kelp [Hokkaido]), button bow fu powder (button bow fu [Okinawa prefecture]) / Recitin (derived from soybeans), trehalose, calcium phosphate
Internal capacity 84g (1.4g x 60 packets) per box
Box size and weight Width 175mm x length 110mm x height 88mm, weight 192g
Preservation method Please store in a cool and dark place as much as possible, avoiding high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
Seller BH-Lab Co., Ltd.
Fucoidan Life SHOP
Expiry date Dec. 25, 2023

  1. Due to the use of natural product-derived materials, the color tone may differ slightly, but there is no problem with the quality.
  2. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, going to the hospital, or hospitalized, consult your doctor before use.
  3. If you have food allergies, please refer to the names of the ingredients before eating.
  4. Keep out of the reach of small children.
  5. Please consume immediately after opening.
  6. Do not use if you are allergic to soybeans.
  7. Do not use if you have thyroid disease as it contains iodine.

Shipping size and weight

Weight will vary slightly depending on the cushioning material.
We do not include slips or pamphlets to reduce weight.
Please understand that including them may increase the fare.
(The content of the pamphlet is the same as this page.)

  1. FLN-01(1 Box)
    W 233 mm × D 166 mm × H 137 mm , Weight 380 g
  2. FLN-01(2 boxes)
    W 257 mm × D 205 mm × H 137 mm , Weight 640 g
  3. FLN-02(3 boxes)
    W 376 mm × D 231 mm × H 144 mm , Weight 960 g
  4. FLN-03(6 boxes)
    W 381 mm × D 366 mm × H 134 mm , Weight 1.9 kg
  5. FLN-04(9 boxes)
    W 385 mm × D 275 mm × H 320 mm , Weight 2.85 kg
  6. FLN-05(12 boxes)
    W 385 mm × D 275 mm × H 320 mm , Weight 3.37 kg

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